Sunday, April 26, 2009

MAC VS Channel Eye liner


However, of course no good product comes without cons; so we'll take a look at that.

The retractable tip gets a little wonky after some time, and thus being the pencil not able to retract in and out properly, which irritates me a lot.

The application can get a little tough if you have dry - normal eyelids (like me), but it applies on like a dream on your waterline! I suggest spraying a little bit of MAC's fix+ on your eyelids before applying this.

I would say it's definitely not a 100% MUST get; but it would be great for people who love to tightline and waterline, or face problems with lots of smudging under-eye.


  1. the layout look a bit simple to me. could had added more gadgets as well as some pictures in the header of the blog. the review written about the product is not bad.

  2. nice blog... but too simple... maybe can add some gadget.. CHEERS!